Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aha...another busy day =D

Yoz, now go get ur seat and clean ur ears, finished preparing? Now letz start~~

Today, i woke up at about 9am, pretty early huh....(to me), i had some bread while watching at tv....and i saw a channel which was toking about how to grow higher.....and it turns out that some herbs or medicine called 接骨剂 actually have the best effect on try get some for myself...i wan grow higher T___T

After that i went school, as usual....doing some meaningless typing until mei ruu show up....we went to the teacher's steal some orange from teachers with few teachers for about...half hr =D, i had a nice time chatting with them, so damn funny lar XD

Afternoon we went 人间茶坊, i ordered 麻辣面.....sooooo spicy, but sibei nice XD....we actually went there with few ppl...(mei ruu, wan yi, victor, guan yu, ahlai, wei hung, kai lun, usun and me)....and of coz, we tok many chek ark things, and burst out our laughter neglecting others swt -_-'' face....hahas XD

Then we went to play bowling at parkson, everyone had fun in laughing at each other....washing longkang....LOL....and we had a bet, whoever won the game (got the highest mark), have to chia others eat ice cream....i was like, ok ar, since i wont be the one XD.......WHO NOES....SIAPA TAHU....MANA EZAI.....i really won the game....swt.....accidentally stepped on land mine...ouch T_T

We went shopping then, though just kinda like window shopping....Kuching really lack of places to hve fun neh....pek chek lar....oh ya, something i wanna say is that....when we go to a supermarket in parkson, to chia those ''beast'' some ice i promised....we met chek ark workers.....

While we wanna pay for our drinks and ice cream, the cashier is kinda like...菜鸟, an aunty before us gave her some coupon, to get some discount lo....and we were forced to wait like 5mins, standing in front of the wait for another experienced uncle aunty, lu tahu ice cream akan melt ka? We were like....ngaiti...shyt lar....and more chek ark thing is...when the experienced worker came, he neglected us and started to TEACH the 菜鸟 how to use the last wei hung got pek chek and throw back his ice cream....after paying, i spoke out :'' walao, this supermarket so lousy sia(kanasai)'' while walking away, and i really hope the supervisor can hear tiok....

Then at night, i accompany my parents to kenyalang, visit their god-daughter, which is my god-sister....cause her family opening stall at there, we bought our new year stuff at their stall, with nice offer =D....but there was way too crowded, i just managed to get myself a pendant, then betahan i decided to wait for my sitting swt lar....we even nid to park far far far away from the market...siao diao...

Wee...finally got home at about 11pm...cant express my sian-ness...and decided to spill out everything before i bury myself into my comfortable bed=D....eeyer...starting to miss my bed, ok lar...i go bath then ong ong le....tatas =D

Monday, January 28, 2008

Found a chek ark jokes.. 看一看笑一笑就好...

1.布希∶我们将轰炸所有厕所,然後出动地面部队搜索每一个马桶,我知道这是一个长期的战争,务必要 将手机找到。
11.微软∶手机会掉到马桶里,是手机和马桶之间的相容问题,请下载最新版本或升级您的手机。 12.易立信∶这只手机之所以会掉到马桶里,只不过是我们的技术人员在作测试。∶可能是因这几款手机没有天线的原因,所以会导致手机滑落到马桶里。
(no offence, just for joke =D)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Damai trip XD

Juz went back from damai puri...a new place for us to have fun which is located behind the usual damai...

This time...i'm the organiser again...i've tried my best to plan everything, make sure that we can have a smooth and fun journey =D ( cause our mei ruu was sick again...)

Well, to contact everyone, i spent all my phone's credit...from Rm9 --> -Rm0.20 T__T, and a bit pek chek is that, actually 8 person confirmed to me that they can go with us...but at last onli 6 of us went Usun's mom thinks that it's not suitable for her to go Damai again...and mei ruu was sick, juz like i mentioned earlier...

Then we faced some problems on transport as well, cause we cant find any car from any of us....(among the 6 person, 4 of them have car...), what a **** coincidence...but at the last moment...i finally managed to borrow a van from my dad...gosh...thanks daddy =D

After having our lunch at Thompson corner...we started our journey at about 1.30pm i suppose, i was expecting that we can have some fun toking to each others before we reach damai puri...But gosh...the f***ing weather tortures freaking hot!!! we were like...sitting on a heated-pan...what a day!

Finally, we managed to get our butt sitting on the damai puri's sofa at around 3pm...and i was the one in charge of everything, so i have to park my car at the carpark...which will takes me 1 minutes walking uphill to reach the lounge=.= yea, alone....

Never expect that, now one of the rules had changed to : onli 2 person are allowed to stay in a room at There are 6 of i claimed that 4 of us will leave after dinner....swt...kinda weird huh....i was thinking, wad if i follow my parents to i have to stay at another room???

After some rest in our room, we went to the, kinda hot too...i'm just referring to the weather...nah...juz few kids(F) playing there...

We enjoy swimming in the sea, throwing sand ball to each other, avoiding from others war, frightened by Wan Yi's high-pitched scream (when she saw a big wave coming towards..), hahas, this is wad we called YOUTH....boys and girls, what a pity u din folo us XD

After get ourselves out of the sea, we bury Guan Yu together, but we cant take picture for him, cause we left our handphone at our room (coz got a safety box in our room)...then we clean out the sand from our bodies, and jump into the swimming pool...but i love feeling the sea-wind, so i just sitting at the chair...watching others having fun in the the way, Lyhui and Wan Yi joined the children...playing with the slide in the swimming pool...hahas, kinda funny sia...

We had our dinner at Palm Garden...the fried rice is kinda nice more comment....then while we driving back to hotel, the sky is so dark...+ abit lightning, so creepy....hahas, but we managed to reach the hotel before rain falls =D, lucky 1...i mean lucky 6...=.=

We spent our nite(9~11pm) at cards + tv....cause from 7~9pm Kai Lun and Wei Hung went we watch television while waiting them to play cards....Wei Hung and Kai Lun wanted to gamble for a while for fun, so Guan Yu and me join them...we onli play 4 rounds of “2 BIG”...and unxpectedly...i won 3 out of 4, hahas, giving a treat to Wan Yi...

After some chatting, listening to some music and having some supper...some ppl felt tired...and suggested to sleep last we all stick ourselves on bed before 1am....what a BIGBIG waste!

Next day(today), we woke up at around 8am morning...the rest of us had some cup noodles after sending Wei Hung and Kai Lun to the hotel's restaurant...abit sad cause they onli brought 2 pack of pure yogurt for sour lar...then i mixed some chocolate powder inside it XD...quite yummy =D

After that we start our packing at around 11am, check out at about 12pm...but we bought ourselves some nice cheese strawberry cake before we leave there, hahas, so nice =D........after sending everyone back to their house, Wei Hung, Kai Lun and me went to 玉壶轩,cause Wei Hung was hungry...Then we went to IGLOO to meet mei ruu, cause they are planning a birthday surprise for mui hoon...who noes that mui hoon din appear, when we phoned to her house, her mother tell us that she was sleeping=.=....feeling abit dizzy, i went home immediately....

Cant sleep when i reached home, cause mom wan me to cook for them...cause they were busying cleaning whole house..haiz...finally can rest after cleaning everything(after dinner)....

Hahas..feeling abit dizzy again...let me go to sleep ba...tatas...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Go karaoke ~

yesterday is wednesday, usually we all should go badminton on afternoon de....but because mei ruu was sick, so in the end we postpone it till thursday lo...

Wednesday is Wan yi's off day, and she was kinda eager to go badminton, who noes she cant go again, hahas, kolian de da i decided to call few person and accompany her to go karaoke =D ( actually i love singing XD)

At last i managed to find few person, they are lyhui,jossen,janet,lyhui,jossen,janet,lyhui,jossen and janet =D, so many ppl hoXD.....ok...lame lar...onli 5 ppl went karaoke -_-''

This time we have to pay RM20 for each person le, cause we r no longer secondary student, our student card canot use le...but we can get 1 more drink or snack...not tat rugi lo...

We all sing for about 3~4 hrs....hahas, so happy, dunno why, i was so excited, singing like siao -_-'', making others laughing all the time...and i was able to use my xtremely high pitch-ed sound to sing Maria Carey's :'m cool =D, but ho, Janet really looks like a star...the way she sings and her sound, wow, lyhui was kinda shocked when she heard her singing....Janet u happy ho XD

People always says....time flies and people will change as well...well i cant deny it...but i hope that, we all can change the same path, walking to the same last, our heart can be together we actually never change...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Adam's birthday =D

(before i start, i wanna say sth....i like this picture XD)

Yesterday is adam's birthday neh =D, but cause yesterday night too postponed till today then post on my blog XD

(Time = 22nd of january 2008)

Today is adam's birthday...But most of our friends cant plan for him, cause they hve to settle somethingy...So this time, it will be my 1st time to be an organizer =D

Start from afternoon, i so panic, cause cant find tiok people to join, and most of the people i called, din switch on their phone T__T ....until 4pm sth, finally got 3 ppl confirmed can go T_T ( Thanks yee chia, meifen and jossen=D)

We bought our cake from TAKA...and got discount from Taka princeXD...we got our cake after fetch meifen....but tat si gui meifen, forgot to take camera...waste my car fuelT_T

Now we reached CROWN SQUARE, where adam working, i phone adam...and told him tat we all at RICHMOND PLACE, ask him if he wanna join us, make sure he din expect we giving him surprise XD....But while we lighting up the candle, he suddenly went out from his shop...almost tiok caught...=.=...we all like, sneaking to the other side, hahas, so many ppl looking at us, paise sia XD

Adam was really shocked when he saw us , hahas i success ler XD...cause after that adam going dinner with family, so i dare not help him 'facial' using cake XD....but tat si kina...he...spread on me T__T, red color cream sommore T_T...after that adam, jossen and me, all tiok cream -_-''

(i cleaning myself T_T)

After that we went few places play, at last we went 马中公园...again-_-''...haiz.....then we went yi chia's huz that explore =D, while singing song at the car, so song =D, we play with hamster at yi chia's house neh, so happy, hahas...

A few funny picture at yi chia's huz:

Overall, yesterday really really happy =D, lucky adam felt surprise neh...i'm really glad that can give adam a nice memory....hope he wont forget us forever =D

Others happiness = my happiness ^^
(Pls take notes that...i looks awful in those picture...cause whole day din go home...actually i look nicer de XD)

Monday, January 21, 2008

A busy but happy day =D is a special day...we need to go to school by get our 奖励金 =D....hehe...So happy ^^, today will be a bright and sunny day fer me ~

But...start from morning, guess wad? I got a dream....special dream...special till let me can't differentiate the alarm clock's sound is reality =.= ...Yea, congratulations =D u got the correct answer....I was late T__T

When i saw the time....7.30am....GOSH!! I was like....shouting and yelling, sprint to the toilet..Since i finished my secondary studies...i never take a shower with 5mins time...taking my clothes without choosing them....In bright and sunny morning = rush like ants =.=

But the lucky goddess didn't abandon me, when i finally reached school, after a torturing traffic jam....I saw all my friends leaving the hall, they are gonna take picture outside, wee~ hahas, i make it! At least i wanna squeeze myself inside the photo with all friends =D

After getting our money from the school, all of us decided to have our breakfast at jossen's kopitiam = ho hai (福海),go eat big big de bun =D , and shrimp stuffed dumpling...YUMMY~~, but i was forced to buy some for 李志鹏主任, cause he said i was late for the meeting, so have to punish me T_T....after that, i go back to school to help wan yi at disciplinary department till lunch time lo...

After our lunch, i went home to take shower and change my clothes...till about 3pm, we go play badminton together, but today onli 6 person, cause got few si gina...rather go play game at cybercafe than accompany us go badminton....mai tell u who they are...While playing badminton, that nicholas...imitate my posture...cause when i trying to hit the ball...which is too far at my back, i will show a special the end, today my physical strength all used to laugh XD...too funny lar, hahas =D

At night, we all gather outside mei voon's house, planning to give her a surprise ( because today is her birthday XD), but when we took out the cake and wanna go in her house....we found tat...we forgot to bring we have to go a few houses nearby to borrow lighter....make me so gek tiok...some aunties and uncles actually feels that we are those 诈骗集团 afraid to involve with us...haiz T_T
but at last we managed to borrow a lighter, from a uncle who don't really believe us...the way he talk made us feel like 中国偷渡客....swt -_-''

Now we finally go in mei voon's house le~ i tell mei voon that onli me and bomb came...she don't believe, coz she insists that she heard mei ruu sound...( when mei ruu trying to call kai lun hide -_-, u noe her sound....) , she stuck at the stairs and refuse to come down....but at last we did gve her a surprise, so fun =D

After some chatting at her house, we suddenly got an idea...the cake we bought for mei voon, left about...1/4, we decided to make it as adam's birthday cake...tomorrow is his birthday anyway XD.. we got a paper cup, leave our signature on it,as his present.. and wait till adam reach her house....adam acted funny when he saw the cake and the present XD, but he said he really appreciate us...really de ma? XD

Today i really very very happy =D, doing crazy stuff with friends, cause i noe that i wont have the chance to do so....after few months later...but i really wanna thanks GOD for giving me those happy moments with my friends...i realy really like all my friends , though many of them might not with us currently, but i still really really miss them and <3 them.....

Ok lar, after a whole-day-rushing, let me rest ba...enjoy ur time on reading XD

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cleaning for CNY...

God T.T... today is sunday....i should've resting all days, surfing internet, watch anime.....but..BUT! Mommy wan me to clean my room and my computer room T___T

Cause she said my room = store room + kennel.....actually i think that my room not as worse as she described le....just maybe too many books on the floor....NONO, it must be the room too small! Yea...she should gimme a larger room XD ( me = si gina...)

Hey...thats not the point -_-''....actually while i cleaning my room, i found so many disappeared-ed items...especially i found so many unknown disc.....curious about them? what will be inside the disc ho....hehe....don't anyhow think of those thing....ok lar, actually most of them contain pictures =D

So many memories le....while i checking the disc (using computer) , i almost cry....yea, d@mn lame=.= , i found some junior class picture and senior 1 de picture....including some maplestory's picture.....with happy i still can see tiok those picture lar =D

( sorry i can't show ex-friends' picture, i onli show friends' pictureXD)

Then after moving all useless stuff away, i started to mop floor and clean my table +, so so so so dusty lar -_-'' wonder my nose so easy get sensitive....

After 3 hrs of cleaning period...finally can rest~~~wee~~~and i found tat i got a whole box of SPM books....the positive-minded -_-'' government actually changed SPM's language to english...right after we finished our test,now no people wan our i decided to bring all books to school, and recycle... how noble i am..XD

Now i feel a little bit tired....i shall stop here... hope u enjoy urself while i sharing my feelings with ya =D

Friday, January 18, 2008


Man....everyone already made their decision on their future...but i still refuse to make my own decision...times flew too fast , I never expect a kid like me would need to worry about this clumsy stuff...haiz....i am getting older and olderT.T

Honestly, I was getting worry..... as i'm not really interested on any science subject...though i've been in science class for the past 3 years -_-''.

letz see....currently i got a few choices, they are actuarial science, physiotherapy, bio-technology ....and among them, i prefer actuarial science..more...if i decided to go for actuarial science, then i will go to UTAR, yea, same as Jonathan...if physiotherapy, then i might go Taiwan...if bio-technology? nah...juz simply say de....i don't like tat subject =X

Recently i still can't make any better decision, hope everyone can kindly gve me some comment.... or share ur opinion and experience wif me ^^

*why everyone have to study hard and spend lots of money....juz to get a high-quality paper? That quality de paper might only worth 50cents at PASAR MALAM -_-''