Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Presentation ~~~

Sorry guyz...it's been a long time since i last updated my blog. Now i finally finished all my assignment, and done my presentation (actually stil got 1...next mondayT_T)

Ok, this time i gonna talk about my presentation =D

Well, so far i hve done few assignments...they are business accounting, basic professional writing and programming...Few days ago i just did basic professional writing's presentation...i'll tell you all whats it about.

Actually we can choose whatever topic we want, as long as it is interesting. We have to imagine that we doing a proposal plan to a company, and need to persuade them to accept our plan. Therefore, the assignment must included :
1. introduction
2. background
3. proposal plan
4. schedule
5. budget
6. staffing
7. authorization

Then i have to present proposal plan...quite fun de...Oops...forgot to introduce to you about my topic..Our topic is : GPS Navigators.
Dunno how to explain...just like...installing a GPS navigators in your vehicle, and use the GPS system to track road through mapping information, and can receive the latest information of the road's situation...cool huh =D

Anyways, thats not the point!!! The main point is.....i was wearing formal suit while presenting!!!!
Okok...i noe you DEFINITELY INTERESTED in my look rite~~~okok, i understand XD

let me show u =D...
This is 自拍照 XD....looks ok?

We took this picture after having lunch at Wendy...actually i wan 自拍...but accidently shoot tiok some spiritual thingy....dotz...-_-''

T7~~all leng zai leng lui~~~

During presentation...i introducing my group member...and that sohai guy(waving hand de) ho, pls ignore him...

haha...tatz my first presentation...quite happy and fun neh...good experience =D
and i found that, actually i look ok wif formal suit XD....