Monday, March 10, 2008

Sushi's disaster =D

Last friday...yea 7th of March...which is our jing si's birthday, guess what? She gave us a treat at Sushi King XD

Well, that day Cassendra told me that jing si is gonna gve us a treat, as usual i wanted to go to San He...but coz i onli available at afternoon, then i'm not sure if San He alredi we decided to get our free lunch at Spring's Sushi King....hahas =D

Actually Cassendra told me that we hve to go there during 11am~12pm, so i went to her huz at about at last i reach Spring at 11.55am...i din late rite..? But unexpectedly, jing si and her sister alredi finished their lunch at Sushi King...waiting for us O.o...huh??? In the Cassendra misunderstood...then i also misunderstood....jing si meant 11.30am START.....wth....

Then neglecting everything, we started to eat~~youhu~~~salmon~tekka~tamago~wasabi~oh i just love everything of Sushi~ T__T so touch.....then while eating we also chatting....this is the 1st time i saw her sister....coz last time jing si told me that her sister is very beautiful , and is the 'school flower' at her school....hmm....not bad lar =D, too bad i din get her photo for all of u, just imagine that if a 1st-met-guy suddenly take ur picture -_-''...paise huh everyone...

By the time we finish our chatting and eating....we combine our plates ( including jing si and her sister de), we were so shocked O.O...i cant i decided to take photo XD

hahas, this is our 伟大业绩

this photo so 梦幻 ho...left hand side de is jing si's sister..hope u can c tiok

2 ki siao de nuts....well at least we can noe that they are proud of themselves =.=

while they paying...i wanna show u guyz tall the plates actually neh !

Hahas...after that we went to shopping at Spring...cause jing si wanted to buy a present to her she owed her for we accompanied them to go's stuff really expensive for us last we went to 河婆 find zi hui....but sad she din go to shop that day....but her shop got 20% discount + frenship discount except me...those gals all grabbed some dolls or soft toys....hahas....sien i din take photo again....forgot =.=

After that....i hve to go home 1st....coz i remember that at night i got a dinner hve to cassendra go to jing si's huz play....while i going back home alone T_T.....then when dad came back at evening.....i ask him wad time we hve to go out....he said :" got dinner meh? mom din tell me le...?'' lai i made a 18th....not friday.....wad a shame....i even gve up go hve fun wif them that afternoon T__T......命苦...

Haiz....hve to apologize long time din update my i hope u enjoy urselves =D tatas~