Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Back~

Hey...It's a very long time i didnt drop by to update anything... So sorry and i will try hard to update more =) Anyways, just to inform those who might not aware of. Currently I'm studying Corporate Communication (HONS) Degree in UTAR (PJ campus) Well... After this May, will be an official Year 2 student Yea ...I'm slower than you all as i have wasted my 2 years (estimation) in the previous course ( Actuarial Science) I am doing well in this course, well..at least i think in that way. Anyways, lots of things actually occurred within these few months....including family problems, studies problem...blablabla... But i'm happy that I was able to overcome them, and sensed the difference of myself Don't know since when, we have to settle everything ourselves, have to think twice before taking any action. I was childish back then...which causes some regrets in my life, and i Promised that i won't be repeating all those stuff anymore. Overall...Just trying to inform u guys that, I'm still the david or..probably Ah fi as usual... I'm happy to be ''written'' in your memory pages... Thank you guys~ "Life will never be meaningful before we actually live for Someone"

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