Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hey I'm done~

Yea~~ Just done my major presentation for this semester, only 1 official Press Conference left~

Well... This semester is a busy 1, got less time to relax myself, have to spend some on assignments or school's blablabla... MONEY CRISIS!!!! ( As usual..just trying to exaggerate )

I want to sleep more =) , eat more , play more (well...relaxing..? i suppose) and gossip more XD

**Stop focusing on the ''eat more''...why wo, fatty cannot eat meh?**

Anyways, I'm not suppose to grumble here -_-''.... and in fact, i like this kind of life ^^

"Being a student is one of the happiest moment i ever had " quoted by endless of adults.... who tried so hard to scare us about the dahsyat-ness of the reality... I AM enjoying my student life~ so what?

Well well... so i guess the conclusion will be... EAT MORE AND PLAY MORE before the end of the world reaches =)

*Thats all for my presentation, any questions are welcomed, thank you*

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